Capacity Building

Capacity Building

To support non-technical people in measuring, understanding and using scientific data

Becoming able to measure and record accurate weather data, record them together with relevant indicators within our field of action and use historical data for future reference is a learning process that requires strong commitment and continuous training.

We support our clients with training sessions and manuals adapted to their needs and experience. Through a participatory methodology we support people to identify the decisions that can be supported by the use of data, plan the collection of appropriate information, perform the collection of accurate data, interpret and use collected data and integrate them with additional information derived from additional sources to plan winning strategies.

Training topics:

  • Data collection using 3Map Mobile-App
  • Data visualisation and management using 3Map Web-Application
  • Basic meteorology and its application to various fields (sailing, DRR, health, NRM)
  • Installation and maintenance of manual weather stations
  • Measurement of weather data and observation of weather-related events
  • People-centred Early Warning Systems
  • The difference between weather and climate
  • The difference between weather observations and weather prediction
  • Advanced sessions about data interpretation


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