Call for Innovators – Food and Sustainable Agriculture - Funded by Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Cariplo Factory (2021-2022)


TriM is one of the 9 innovators that has been selected and financed to develop a pilot project on the topic of food and sustainable agriculture (click here for more information about the Call for Innovators – Food and Sustainable Agriculture).

In partnership with ActionAid Italia, TriM has developed a pilot project with the general objective of "Strengthening the adaptability of pastoral communities to climate shocks and food security in Isiolo County, Kenya", promoting the adoption of best practices related to livestock farming and animal health based on scientific data, adapted to the context and resilient to climate change.

The project focused on responding to the urgent need for pastoralist communities in the area of Isiolo County for accessing usable and useful solutions for a rapid adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change in the area.

In fact, Trim has developed a tailored solution to integrate observations and indigenous knowledge with scientific recommendations to support data-driven decision making at household and community levels.

This has been done through the following actions:

  1. Pastoral Field Schools (PFS) to learn, reflect and take informed actions
Darara Pastoral Field School

Darara Pastoral Field School

Upper Raap Pastoral Field School

Upper Raap Pastoral Field School

  1. the adaptation and integration of the 3Map Information Management System (IMS) to transform data into actions
3MAP mobile

3MAP mobile

3MAP web

3MAP web

Project results:

A flexible, easy to adopt and efficient system for the monitoring of natural regeneration actions and their impacts over time to increase resilience of target communities.

And concretely:

  • 16 PFS groups with a total of 255 Members
  • 2 Wards
  • 2 Community Conservancies
  • A customized dashboard (accessible at the following link: has been developed, based on the perception of the final targeted users, to promote understanding and the efficient use of the data collected. The tool allows users to easily visualize trends and variation of the parameters over the time and space and compare different sets of indicators to support the PESA exercise and achieve PFS goals.
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