Building Drought Resilience in Isiolo County through sustainable Livelihoods (DRIC) - Funded by European Union (2020-2023)


In the framework of the DRIC project, TriM is providing a 3-year consultancy service to the leading organization, AMREF-CCM. The Overall objective is to contribute towards increased resilience to droughts and other negative impact of climate change for vulnerable groups and reduce number of children under 5 years who are stunted in Isiolo County, enhancing Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) for vulnerable Pastoralist and Agro-pastoralist Communities in Isiolo County, generating Sustainable livelihoods, protecting productive assets and improving climate smart County service delivery.

TriM is in charge of the co-design of the Climate Service Data System and of the provision of reliable and easy-to-understand information to community members for disaster risk reduction. In particular TriM will provide:

  • A climatological analysis for the project area
  • Digital survey forms for weather data collection and hazards and a web-application for management, access, visualization and sharing data
  • A real-time platform for sharing data on weather and hazards/impacts
  • The provision of 2 or more trainings to the environmental focal point and local community members on bioclimatology of the area and data collection
  • Validation of local practices with science through the involvement of community members
  • The Installation of 6 manual weather stations
  • A tool for analyzing scientific evidence together with traditional indicators is developed
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