Safe Communities for safe Children and Adolescents: protezione e assistenza per bambini e adolescenti nella comunità di Kakamega e Nakuru - Funded by AICS-Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (2019-2022)


The project aims to strengthen the child protection system in Kenya that prevents and responds to violence, abuse, exploitation and harmful cultural practices on children and adolescents, while promoting their physical, mental and social well‐being.

As a project partner, TriM implemented the Child Protection Service Providers Management System (SPMS) which has been co-designed with the Directorate of Children’s Services (DCS) in Kenya and the CISP-Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo di Popoli.

Currently used in Kakamega and Nakuru Counties, the SPMS is an easy-to-use tool used to collect, store, manage, visualize and disseminate key data about service providers in the two counties. Currently approximately 1500 service providers have been mapped and more than 500 users (400 from Kenya) are accessing the data stored in the SPMS database through the following interactive dashboard:

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Through several workshops held with DCS and other stakeholders in the area the following strengths have been identified:

The dashboard is easy to access from wherever, even not from the office. Moreover, with good network it is really easy to navigate both from laptop and smartphone with no need of a login. The dashboard is very informative: many details about the service providers are accessible just in a click of a button, including the geolocation, the name and the phone number of the contact person, the type of limitations and the opening days or time; this information is not always known with the current tools. Through the filters section, the identification of the most suitable service provider is immediate and includes detailed information about the services provided and the type of cases supported by the service provider. Therefore, the dashboard can be time saving and cost effective because the information related to each service provider is accessed very quickly, including the exact position of a service provider (visually shown through the map), without the need of moving to the specific office. Finally, since the dashboard gets all the information from the database, it is safer and more accurate than current paper-based tools.


Additional activities developed by TriM regarded the representation, management and analysis of data about children referral cases integrating the data exported from the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS) database into the SPMS.



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