Federica Leonarduzzi

International Development Cooperation Specialist

Federica Leonarduzzi

Federica is an International Development Cooperation Specialist with an MCs in International relations and Diplomacy and a university Masters in Development Projects Design and Management at the State University of Milan. She also holds a Masters in European Projects Design at the Venice International University.

She has come across TriM being passionate of how technology can support sustainable development especially in the most vulnerable communities across the world and she is currently engaged in the development of strategic partnership and project management.

Federica has always been firmly convinced that sustainable development cannot happen unless a complex regenerative approach is applied, starting from the direct engagement of the involved communities, that’s why she has been engaged in sectors such as Fair Trade, Impact Investing, Social Business and International Organizations. She is expert in project management, grants proposals design and preparation, participatory impact evaluation and partnership management.

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